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Red Willow Foundation

Red Willow Foundation

Hospice, Palliative and Respite Care For the severely disabled children e.g. un-educable children who can not go to school due to too many disabilities and deformities and caring HIV/AIDS sufferers in rural areas and informal settlements. MOBILE UNIT – EDUCATING THE CARE-GIVER, PARENT AND PATIENT
The mobile field workers are teaching parents who look after their disabled, how to care for their children at home and dealing with emergencies. This service includes various other sessions, discussion groups and awareness forums within the rural communities such as:
• Basic caring at home
• Bathing the child / patient
• Feeding the child / patient
• Massage the child / patient
• Care for a bed-ridden child / patient
• Relieving severe spasticity at home
• Basic physio-therapy
• How to play with your disabled child
• First aid for premature babies
• Dealing with epilepsy • Dealing with fever fits
• Dealing with the disabled ADD/ADHD child
• Medicines to avoid
• Importance of Nutrition
• Dealing with HiV/Aids
• HIV Infections
• Importance of Family planning
• Women Rights
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Practicing Safe Sex

Other service our mobile unit/clinic include:
o wound dressings;
o wound irrigations;
o O2 administration;
o tracheotomy care;
o drug (IV) therapy;
o nebulisation;
o CVA administration;
o ante- and post-natal care;
o geriatric care
o genital mutilation
o Counselling
o Trauma counselling