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Refilwe Matenche

AWM is a non-profit company that was founded by female professionals who saw the value in networking among women. Our community has over 300 professionals including 41 CAs, 32 doctors, 35 engineers, 2 actuaries, 50 lawyers, 70 entrepreneurs and growing by the day. Our network has successful, motivated and passionate women from various industries and walks of life who have the common belief that investing in themselves and in other women is good business.
There are plenty of business and/or career opportunities that exist targeted at women, be it in the corporate environment, in government or the funding space. Sadly, it's either women do not know of them or those who do, sometimes lack the confidence to maximise on these opportunities.
AWM works with investors, private companies, government and other relevant stakeholders to assist women recognise and most importantly take advantage of opportunities available to them. We aim to be an active and positive part of women advancement and our overarching mission is to be the central depository of economic opportunities for women in Africa.
Over and above serving the membership of AWM by facilitating access to economic opportunities, the organization and its membership saw the need to utilise their vast professional network to make a difference within under-resourced communities in South Africa. One of AWM’s key objectives is to assist in re-building and strengthening our communities to restore hope, trust and dignity with the aid of our far-reaching programmes that address the needs and challenges faced within underprivileged communities. Go to our website to find out more about our programmes.