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RE:NEW Trust

RE:NEW Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation. The purpose of RE:NEW is to provide community development, poverty alleviation and relief. In support of its overall purpose, one of the core objectives of RE:NEW is the provision of education support to disadvantaged individuals.
This includes:
• Providing basic skills training primarily to domestic workers and other underemployed persons
• Facilitating the sponsorship of children from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to attend schools that offer quality education.

Currently, we provide the following basic skills training:
• Basic and intermediate computer skills
• Basic and intermediate sewing skills
• Baking skills

In future, we plan to offer other skills training courses, such as catering, dressmaking and first aid.

The facilitation includes:
• Providing motivation to schools to reduce or forego charging school fees.
• Encouraging employers to sponsor (either all or part of) the fees of the children of their employees.
• Providing bursaries to the extent that employers and or schools are unable or unwilling to meet or waive the relevant school fees in full.

Sponsorship could include:
• Sponsoring school fees.
• Sponsoring school equipment (e.g. books, stationery).
• Sponsoring transport.
• Sponsoring school uniforms.