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Rescue A Child

Rescue A Child (RAC) was founded in 2012 by the desperate need for urgent intervention for the poor and disadvantaged in South Africa. RAC addresses the underlying causes of poverty, such as lack of skill, opportunities and resources, that will be the catalyst to undoing the many broken homes and lives in South Africa.

Special attention and passion is placed on the needy children in impoverished communities. We distribute food, blankets, toys as well as empower families by offering social, spiritual, educational and economic support.

Poverty is not merely the lack of essentials, but it is the lack of hope and the accompanying misery it brings. Many disadvantage families and communities are destined to a life of begging, substance abuse and crime, as children are raise with no desire or means to rescue themselves from the downward spiral of fear, scarcity and desperation in which they find themselves.

Every child, no matter their circumstances and environment has a name, therefore they have a need for identity, dignity and dreams. The hope of disadvantage communities lie in the children of those communities.

Giving a child a hopeful future and the ability and means to grow, will ultimately restore pride and peace in families and neighbourhoods across our beautiful country.

RAC will be the missing link to save many of our children who are trapped in a future of insecurity, disillusion and fear. RAC will treat each child as an individual by compiling the history, condition and need of the child. With such knowledge, RAC will provide resources, opportunity and facilitation for each child it nurtures out of poverty and hopelessness to sufficiency and pride