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Retina SA Eastern Cape

Retina South Africa is a registered Non Profit Organisation and Public Benefit organisation with BEE status. Sponsorship of certain aspects of our work are tax deductible.

Retina South Africa was established in 1980 as the South African Retinitis Pigmentosa Society.

Various name changes over the years included:

The RP Foundation, Retinal Preservation Foundation and in 2002 the name was changed to RETINA SOUTH AFRICA to encompass all retinal degenerative conditions. Our strap line “Fighting Blindness” was changed to “A Cure in Sight for Blindness” in 2012. This was to reflect the progress towards therapy that the advances in research have achieved.

Retina South Africa is a patient driven action group that has branches in all the major centres in South Africa. Our major focus is:

Support of the Retinal Degeneration Research project at the University of Cape Town to find the genetic mutations in South African families

Facilitation of genetic testing to identify those patients who will benefit from clinical trials

Public Awareness of retinal degeneration

Patient support including education, referral and intervention

Collaboration with local and international agencies and researchers

Fund raising to support this work

We are founding members of Retina International and the AMD International Alliance.

Membership is open to all patients, family members and persons who wish to support our quest to find treatments for Retinal blinding conditions.