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Rhino Buddies NPC

With the on-going devastation of poaching on existing southern African, rhino populations and other ecological crimes. A group of professional formed rhino Buddies in 2012. Rhino Buddies aims to create public awareness and funding for the preservation of wildlife.

This will be achieved in the following ways:

• Technology
• Counter poaching initiatives
• Education
• Awareness campaigns
• Community development in and around wildlife preserves throughout southern Africa
• Visibility at major events
• Sales of branded merchandise
• Corporate sponsorship
• Public donations
• Social media networks awareness campaigns
• Online promotions and advertising
• A rehabilitation centre

One of the most important aspects of our drive is to assist small entities who perhaps are not receiving the bulk of the current funding due to their profile such as:

• Provincial Parks
• Regional Parks
• Community Projects

The work that Rhino Buddies does is helping to preserve our wildlife; not just for today, but for our children and their children.

Please become a Rhino Buddy and help us make a difference.