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Right2Know Campaign

The Right2Know Campaign (R2K) is a nation-wide coalition of people and organisations opposed to the Protection of Information Bill – also known as the Secrecy Bill – currently before the South African parliament. The Bill will threaten hard-won constitutional rights including access to information and freedom of expression.

 R2K believes a responsive and accountable democracy able to meet the basic needs of our people is built on transparency and the free flow of information. The R2K campaign statement – “Let the truth be told. Stop the Secrecy Bill!” – demands that the Bill be drastically rewritten to bring it in line with constitutional values, or thrown out.

To date, over 18,500 individuals and 400 civil society organisations have joined the Right2Know campaign. We call on our supporters to help us fight the Secrecy Bill :
1. Join the Right2Know campaign by signing our founding statement at
2. Organise a Right2Know meeting with members of your community or organisation.
3. Donate to our cause to help us host events to raise awareness across the country.