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RingaRosy Toy Library

is a non-profit organisation established in 2010. We provide access to a collection of educational play materials like toys, games, puzzles, activities and BOOKS to children from disadvantaged areas aged 5-10 years old FREE OF CHARGE.
The Library's main objective is to develop young minds through interactive play and assist with reading difficulties. For some of these children it`s an opportunity to play in a safe and stimulating environment.
School2Work programme at disadvantaged Youth.
As part of the Social Intervention Program for the Johannesburg Central & Ekurhuleni North District Schools, RingaRosy Toy Library is launching a Vocational platform for High School students. This is a transition programme designed to prepare students for the world of work, study and community involvement. We encourage great partnerships with local community organisations, employers, small businesses and various industries to play an integral part to the success of the School2Work programme.