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Ripple Reading

The Ripple Reading programme’s main objective is to enable Grade 1-3 learners to read with understanding. When a learner understands what is being read, any type of written material becomes accessible, therefore empowering the learner within his or her wider community.

The development of our intervention programme is based on the newest research in the following three modalities:
• Mind (Study of Psychology);
• Brain (Study of neuroscience); and
• Education (Study of Pedagogy).
The Ripple Reading programme attempts to incorporate theory and practice from all three modalities to ensure that the learner is supported holistically during the reading intervention process.
Additionally, Ripple Reading recognises the learner as part of a bigger system and tries to accommodate the learner within this system, while also recognising that various internal and external factors within this system effect a child’s learning and ability to learn to read. These factors may include socio-economic background, level of language acquisition, family setting, schooling background, community setting and the learner’s own assets or barriers.