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Ripples For Good

The MassBuild Ripples For Good campaign has evolved in so many ways and I'm grateful to share with you some of the growths.
Initially our mission was to "renovate" the schools in such a way that they'll save money on their monthly utilities bill. A small but significant input to change the dependency culture!
With MassBuild (Builders Warehouse, Builders Trade Depot and Builders Express stores) nominating the schools and the staff volunteering their time and energy for 1 day, many has called us miracle workers! For what we achieve in just 1day!

After the 1st school the reality of the circumstances under which our children has to live and learn has inspired change. Yes, we still fix all the schools leaking pipes, toilets, basins and we change all their lights to energy savers. We also install rain harvesting systems, start veggie gardens and do paint work. We put floors, roofs, doors and windows where needed. And many more...
But we also look at the needs of the kids. The majority of our kids feel alone and scared and are hungry!!! Leaving them angry and desperate.
Which has again inspired change because there is nothing to fear in life and with our children and mother earth our only real responsibilities in life as grown ups we go all out sharing love and kindness with the kids. We feed them, we play, we color we have fun with them.