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Rise Against Domestic Violence SA

Rise Against Domestic Violence SA assists victims of Domestic Violence & GBV. Violence affects every area of a victim's life and they often find themselves in a situation of having no support.
Rise Against Domestic Violence provides a service and offers resources to assist victims rebuild their lives.

Victims often find themselves with no support when they are in an abusive dispute, with no financial support and no legal representation. Our aim is to assist victims achieve their goal of leaving their abusive situation and setting them up in order to do so.

Our long term goal is to offer victims of Domestic Violence Legal Representation. The number of abuse cases withdrawn or not opened due to not having representation is high and we would like to change this and make a difference.

Rise Against Domestic Violence offers our victims a service at no cost to them, so they are able to focus on what is really important. We need your help to achieve this.

Please join us to fight against Domestic Violence & GBV.

Please follow our page or make a donation - every little bit counts.

What We Do

An organisation that assists individuals to obtain professional services that comprise of advocacy, training, psychotherapy support, legal counsel and rehabilitation for people who are seeking assistance to stop abusing. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life of men and women, both victim and abuser.

Using self-help, empowerment approach, we assist individuals to seek counselling, Legal assistance, Workshops, Educational awareness programs at schools and support service for victims of domestic violence and abuse.