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RivLife International Community Centre

RivLife International is a registered Non-Profit Organisation operating in Wards 34 and 38 of the Msunduzi Municipality in Pietermaritzburg. Our work is central to the holistic development of communities and our beneficiaries include women, children, the unemployed, the elderly and those living with disabilities. Our programs are aligned to 4 central pillars, namely; Social Development, Physical Support, Economic Empowerment and Spiritual Care. We have a long service history in the Cinderella Park community and host events and manage programs every day which prioritizes educational support, medical care, youth development, economic support and psychosocial services. Programs include a fully functioning Drop-In Centre where more than 100 orphaned and vulnerable children attend an after-school program each day including lunches. We host free annual clinics to bring essential medical services to the underprivileged. We manage a workshop for young girls from adverse backgrounds and aid their development through mentorship and the provision of toiletries. Our green clubs care for large vegetable gardens that young people manage and use to feed communities. Our annual Career Expos expose schools to various career options free of charge. While there is a variety of projects at RivLife, the impact is far more important than engaging numbers. We believe we can reach, resource and reform lives, one person at a time.