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RoleModels Foundation

RoleModels Foundation is an association not for gain. The organization was established in 2009 with official Non-Profit Organization registration granted in February 2011.
RoleModels Foundation focuses on the eradication of poverty and supporting children in crisis.
Some of RoleModels Foundation’s projects include:
Starfish Places of Safety - The safety of a child becomes threatened, and the child may potentially be at risk from injury or harm, as well as crime, be it in the form of abuse or neglect. Providing a nurturing, safe environment, putting prevention measures into practice, whilst providing a temporary refuge. The idea of a foster family as a safe place from the brutal outside world; until such a time as the welfare and court system decides on the best possible outcome for the child.
Imfundo Project support children from informal settlements in Educare facilities in preparation for formal schooling. The project also focuses on entrepreneurial skills development projects to empower disenfranchised individuals to become economically active.
Asante Neo Life Project focuses on abused women and children, providing immediate relief in conflict situations, restoring dignity and reintegration into the community.
Tamakhulu Project focuses on senior citizens, providing food security and providing assistance with housing needs.