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BGY Africa

Boys, Girls and Youth Africa (BGYA) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation
based in Kyasand, Cosmo City, Johannesburg in Gauteng. BGYA works in
partnership with Cosmo City Multipurpose Complex, Takani Kidz, Christ
Embassy and Congurous and other community Stakeholders to empower and
uplift lives of young people. However the intention of the organisation is
to expand nationally in South Africa and explore other African Countries in
05-10 years’ time.

BGYA has been established to host individuals from Pre-School to high
school level and
outgoing school leavers. The youth section consists of various categories
of youth: (a)
Dropouts: These learners dropout of the school due to various reasons such
as age, family
challenges, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, etc. Most of these youth
members have no
skills to participate in the local economy and are unemployable. (b) Age
restriction: Learners
who are overage to be in the mainstream schools are discarded and sent to
institutions like
Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) and Further Education and
Training Colleges (FETC) to get second chance to complete their formal
Education. (c) Unemployed or Underemployed: Some of these members are the
unemployed youth who completed their matric or higher qualifications but
still looking for better opportunities (employment or further their

BGYA in partnership with other stakeholders is committed to provide a
positive, safe, fun, after-school youth club in Cosmo City - where young
people aged 8 - 34 have the opportunity to excel, grow and succeed in a
supportive, encouraging environment. The aim being to provide diverse, fun,
engaging, stimulating and developmentally appropriate Core Program Areas
and specialized Initiatives - addressing a wide variety of youth and
community interests and needs - attracting and retaining club members aged
8 - 60+. The organization has intention at building self-esteem, providing
guidance and direction to maximize youthful potential and assist growth
into responsible, caring citizens by acquiring basic senses: a sense of
belonging, sense of ownership, a sense of responsibility, a sense of
purpose and usefulness, influencing or empowering while ensuring sense of

BGYA is fully aware that reaching young people within a community requires
different strategies, skills and techniques, therefore they use open door
approach to welcome any person, organization, government body, private
sectors, etc. to join force with them to grow and expand their work not
only in Cosmo City but to reach out the whole country. The success shown in
Cosmo City is the results of stakeholders’ team work. The team that is
enthusiastic, trained, committed and passionate about children and youth of
South Africa. The team ensure that the program run in a Safe, Positive
Environment, having fun, experiencing supportive relationships, Access &
Exposure to Opportunities, Expectations and Recognition.

For the past years up to date the BGYA has been based on four pillars:
Religious Education,
Formal Education, Life Skills Development (Vocational training), and Health
offered either in short term or long term training. It is the intention of
the organisation to expand
to other provinces in partnership with other stakeholder e. g public sector
and private sector
while benefiting all the needy people of South Africa..