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Royal Cradle Empowerment Foundation

Royal Cradle Empowerment Foundation (RoCEF) is anchored on the premise that every child is unique, royal and has an innate talent that can be tapped into if an enabling environment is created to identify and nurture that special ability to greatness. The “Cradle” in the mantra speaks to ‘Catch them Young’ while they are tender and zealous to learn. Cradle also speaks of Origin and Identity. Empowerment speaks about innovative transformation processes of developing each child’s unique gifts (skills) and creating platforms for them to shine. We believe that when empowerment begins at a young age, it should create socio-economic transformation that cascades to communities.

The Organisation is a non-profit organisation registered with department of Social development (Reg No: 179-920 NPO) and CIPC (Reg No: 2014/061024/08). RoCEF specialises in the design and implementation of socio-economic development programs which focus on identified community development needs. We believe that youth empowerment through skills’ development is the most effective strategy – “education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change Africa and the world”. RoCEF’s strategic initiative is based on this saying, as we seek to give young learners the creative support to develop skills and talents that in turn, benefit communities.

RoCEF greatest joy comes from providing a resourceful atmosphere for young leaners – where youth can rediscover (rekindle) their innate creative passions. Our strategic positioning as an Innovative Skills’ development (acquisition) organisation is to create a conducive environment for community development projects which focuses on empowering young learners (entrepreneurs) in art and multimedia industry, manufacturing industries etc. Our aim is to promote a South African creative industry that has a thriving culture of promoting innovative young learners who specialise in creative design and art works. Our learning centers will serve as a home (instrument) for young leaners’ innovative artistic - cultural expression, social cohesion and nation building.

Our core vision is National economic stability and sustainability, transformation with relevance, innovation with a focus on skills’ acquisition excellence. Hence, the organisation…. “harnesses potential within the young learners – nurturing & developing youth to transform Africa’. This positioning supports our core activities of creative teaching and learning, community interaction and social transformation through research and sourcing of international top-notch Skill development experts. The organisation source for socio-economically disadvantage youth Age 4 - 13 (Aged 4 - 10 for the pivot project)and 14 - 35 in Limpopo and Gauteng. Our Experts put up questionnaires and other necessary means to verify the socio-economic status of the targeted youth and young learners.