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Ryan Wilson

WeCare is an non-profit company established in 2013 to develop innovative solutions for African computer literacy and e-waste problems on a scale that will make a major difference to the IT literacy of the African population. To make any real impact on the digital backlog in Africa, millions of computers need to be installed. The scale of the programme, the planned sustainability as well as the take-back of end-of-life equipment is what makes the WeCare programme innovative and unique in the world.

WeCare is currently based in Ballito in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The company consists of two operational sites and has a close working relationship with Sims Recycling Solutions (Sims RSA). Sims is the world’s largest electronic recycler.

The WeCare project is designed to deliver innovative IT and e-waste solutions in Africa based on a non-profit funding model from governments, private industry and international funding aid. The model is not merely philanthropic but is designed to be sustainable over the long term with clear, measurable deliverables.