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SA Children's Home

Today, children are under threat as never before. It is the children who often bear the brunt of divorce, family break-up, physical and sexual abuse, and the lack of a loving family background. Children need to grow up in their formative years, in a secure, loving environment. Those who develop in a dysfunctional situation will experience difficulty in becoming well-adjusted, mature adults. It is this need that the SA Children’s Home, the oldest in South Africa, seeks to meet. The South African Children’s Home was the first welfare institution established in South Africa. Originally known as the “Orphan House” it was founded in 1808 by a Mrs Moller, a Dutch widow. She was assisted in this task, by members of the Groote Kerk and the Evangelical Church, two of the oldest churches in South Africa. In 1799 Mrs Moller was successful in obtaining premises in a building in Long Street in which to house the orphanage. The SA Children’s Home was officially inaugurated in 1815 and Mrs Moller obtained funds from several governors to support her work. Upon her death she donated the bulk of her estate to the orphanage. In 1923 the orphanage moved to the suburb Gardens, Cape Town. Forty five years later a modern Children’s Home was erected on the same site. This is where the Children’s Home still is today. Now more than 200 years later, the Children’s Home continues its care for children. The aim is to provide a secure, friendly, homely environment for the 44 boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18 years, drawn from a variety of different communities across the peninsula as well as refugees from war torn countries.