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Sacred Sites Foundation

Funding ways to make a direct contribution to safeguarding these important Sacred Sites in Southern Africa.

The scale and magnitude of the profiles, observatories and Marker Stones covering an area over 800 kilometres long is monumental in proportion and defies explanation. Much work remains to be done to document all the known sites, many of which lie on privately owned land and are inaccessible to the public. This Mapping of the Southern African Sacred Sites is the primary objective of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa, along with developing a strong network of Community Custodianship projects around the country.

We have an ongoing Funding Drive towards our Sacred Site Mapping Project, Research, School Outreach Project and Community Custodian Programme. Your generosity is appreciated.

Through mapping these Sacred Sites we can ensure that they are properly looked after and endure for generations to come.

Mapping these Sacred Sites is important work for South Africa. Combined with research and documentation of these sites we have a 5 Year Project Plan to develop Community Custodianship programmes. We have been asked to develop the Sacred Site Tour Guide Training guidelines for the Tourism Industry. We are already creating vital linkages to communities on the fringe of these sites. Job creation coupled with skills transfer is a critical factor to protect these vulnerable sites, whilst recording the oral histories of these areas and involving the locals in the Sacred Site Community Custodianship Program.

Public awareness projects include our "School Visit" program where we will take school tours to the sites every month, to reach a projected 40 schools per year for 5 years. Contribute to this School Tour program with your Donation to the Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa, and reach the guardians of tomorrow.

Thank you for your support.