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SAFE is the South African Fund for Education – we are a non profit organisation that provides university bursaries to cover tuition, textbooks, accommodation, food, transport and all other costs necessary to enable our students to excel.
SAFE is the brainchild of Dr Tony Keene. The idea is to create a sustainable charity that does more than just pour money into a problem. All too often students are given bursaries and are expected to get on with things; to spread their wings and succeed on their own. Without financial and emotional backing, they often fail. This is why SAFE students are assigned a mentor to provide guidance and advice, and are supported through their studies with private tutoring from Study Doctor Tutoring (
To ensure SAFE’s work is sustainable, once a student qualifies and becomes employed, the tuition fees are paid back to SAFE at no interest. The newly qualified professionals also become mentors to the next generation of SAFE students, continuing the cycle. The aim is to invest funds collected by SAFE and to use the dividends to support students – ensuring that the funds never run out!
SAFE is a relatively new charity, but as Warren Buffet said, "If you want to make a big snowball, you need a long hill and a lot of snow". We need to start somewhere and by ensuring that South Africans are properly educated, we are contributing to a safer future for all. There are thousands of South Africans who have the brains and motivation, but not the funds to educate themselves, and SAFE wants to make sure that these young adults are not left behind.