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What do we do with our Donations? Product Donations are divided and distributed between Farms as part of bi-monthly outreaches.
Financial Donations are used as follo
To move one truck load of fodder/animal feed from a donor or supplier to Farms in need cost anything between R 25 000 - R 35 000, or more. With each outreach we aim to send at least 4 to 6 trucks to ensure that our support makes a difference.
We buy animal feed with a higher nutritional value than the hay we normally get as a donation. We also aim to give each Farm a few bags of Corn/Maize costing R280 each.
We also spend R20 000 on fresh vegetables for the families. In order to stretch our Donation Rands, we purchase non -perishables in bulk to make up full hampers for each family at a cost of R950 per hamper. Any other donations received are a welcome extra. Each hamper contains basic food items like Flour, Sugar, Tinned food, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, etc.