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To provide an internationally accepted standard of training and education in ASI in order to deliver a service of excellence to the ultimate benefit of all clients within the South African context
• To ensure relevant training in ASI for occupational therapists
• To ensure continued professional development within the field of ASI
• To align our training, assessment and treatment protocols with international standards
• To play a leading role in the application of ASI in South Africa
• To ensure best evidence based practice in ASI
• To raise awareness of ASI amongst relevant stakeholders
• To network with key stake holders
• To support and educate all role players involved in the care and development of the client.
• To encourage research in the field of ASI in SA and abroad
• To ensure equal accessibility to ASI assessment and treatment for all South Africans
• To enhance and enable all individuals challenged with sensory integration difficulties or dysfunctions to live occupationally fulfilled lives