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Sakhikamva Foundation

The Foundation believes that the future of South African aerospace industry is anchored with the country’s highly talented youth, its mission being to identify and develop this talent in ensuring that a solid foundation is laid to feed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pipeline. It prides itself in building a future with the youth of Africa and sets out to achieve its mission by hosting several programs and outreach projects each year.
The Foundation founded by Fatima Jakoet in 2010 has worked with more than 90 000 youth in South Africa and has developed more than 12 programmes and projects on a rotational basis. The overwhelming response to the Sakhikamva Foundation’s programmes, has led to a steady growth however the limited funding, has deterred the expansion of programmes nationally and internationally.
With the area of focus initially in the aerospace industry the Sakhikamva Foundation has in 2015 embarked on a flagship project which is the world’s first Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Aerospace and Mathematics (STREAM) Laboratory in order to zone in on the much needed STEM education in the disadvantaged and rural communities. The Foundation introduced the world’s first Science Technology Robotics Engineering Aerospace and Mathematics (STREAM) Laboratory to with an official opening ceremony on 03 June 2015 and in its first week opening to the public in July 2015 hosted more than 1000 youth.
With its programmes such as:
➢ Paper Jet Challenge;
➢ Wings2fly campaign;
➢ Aviators’ workshop;
➢ Robotics workshop;
➢ Africa Code Week;
➢ Airshows and Career Exhibitions
➢ National Science Week
➢ The Sky’s the Limit; and
➢ Scholarship fund,
forming a platform for STEM education, the Foundation has strengthen its impact in marginalised communities. The Foundation brings a unique and fresh approach to the development of youth in Science and Technology field.
The Foundation’s key success factor is its collaboration with key role players in the aviation industry such 43 Air School, Boeing, Department of Science and Technology and Department of Education as well as its with Pascack Hills High School in New Jersey USA.