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Sandile Bhengu

UMkhanyakude is characterised as the isolated rural communities with high levels of poverty and unemployment. The major draw card for this area is the Music industry. The people firmly believes that culture is the essence of their nationality which reflects the times they are living in and the promotion of ethnic activities that were done by their forefathers to promote peace and unity amongst communities. The community, through the assistance of the Artist & Culture has adopted an inclusive and holistic approach of celebrating their cultures and heritage so as to encourage social cohesion and national building.
For the past seven (7) years, our communities especially the younger generation have been participating in Ingoma and Maskandi events that are held in Good Friday and December Holidays every year. This has become our culture of getting together and commence with our Christmas celebrations. Initially, this programme was introduced by our Organization called VSL Community Development NGO NPC to bring peace and harmony to the people from different sub-wards that were fighting back in the days. The programme did not lose momentum even after it has achieved its intended objective and to date; the groups are still participating.