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ArchAngelz Institution

ArchAngelz Institution (AAI) is a non-profit, government registration 2017/389376/08. AAI was founded with an aim to alleviate causes of poverty in communities.  AAI will achieve this by economically empowering the poor and the marginalised community that face severe challenges to meet basic needs for themselves and their families. We attain this through contributing to supportive, long-term social changes by creating maintainable means of creating revenue through ‘sustainable income generation activities’ (SIGA).  AAI encourages the targeted group to think beyond immediate survival needs.

We are committed to help those in our target group regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, sex orientation, nationality and political affiliation. However, we identified that women and girls are particularly at risk of exploitation, due to their low economic and social status.  There is a very high risk of these vulnerable women engaging in inordinate perilous activities to meet household expenses, such as sex work or transactional sex which creates and aggravates susceptibilities to HIV. AIDS is one of the epidemics that is poverty related, and in many cases poverty is considered the leading risk factor.  Aids alone is said to be a big threat to the economies, social structures and political stability of entire societies. AAI is very eager to be part of the mission as “Social Enablers” towards achieving the National Strategic Plan (NSP)’s 90-90-90 goal by 2020. We intend to do this by increasing awareness, strengthening families and communities to decrease risks of transmission.  Research has also shown that a high percentage of school absenteeism and gap year for children between the age of 7-18 years is due to poverty and this results in ultimate failure or drop out. Poverty continues to be a common phenomenon and we are determined to reduce this in as much as we can.