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The SAOA ensures the viability of practices by developing descriptor codes to identify professional services rendered and materials supplied by practitioners. These codes form the basis of recommended tariff lists developed by independent networks which are linked to the descriptor codes for use on all invoices and claims to medical aids.

The SAOA researches practice viability at the hand of viability studiesto ensure initiatives such as the development of the National Health Reference Price List and NHI submission documents are set at sustainable levels.

The SAOA dedicates a high level of resource to the study of the strategy of the Department of Health pertaining to the suggested implementation of a National Health Insurance to ensure the profession participate pro-actively inthe process and to ensure a viable outcome for optometric service delivery in the proposed system.

All issues which are pertinent to daily practice including medical scheme liaison, supplier liaison, development and publication of position papers, ethics, assistance in the development of legislation pertaining to eye care, etc

In addition the SAOA has developed a pool of expertise to advise and assist members, collectively and on an individual basis, related to an extended range of topics including clinical and technical advice, finance, human resources, ethics and legal support.


Education related activities including continuing professional development such as the ‘workshop’ programme, student liaison, guidance as to the extent of scope of practice, skills development of practice staff at the hand of the Optometric Assistants Course and the Lab Technicians Training Course.


A major role of the SAOA, across the spectrum of portfolios, is advocacy on behalf of the profession at all levels. (E.g. Government, Medical Schemes, Statutory bodies, etc)

The SAOA addresses the image and reputation of the SAOA and associated eye care professions, develops and manages eye care awareness programmes and projects, relationship management, development of patient education materials, event management, etc


Facilitates the delivery of affordable, accessible eye care to underprivileged communities and individuals throughout South Africa in accordance with the Vision 20/20 programme – which is committed to address avoidable blindness and the plight of the ‘needlesslyblind‘


The head office located in Midrand, Gauteng is responsible for management and running the affairs of the SAOA


The indemnity insurance offered by the SAOA is an extremely attractive automatic benefit for members and includes public liability with no excess payable