Cause Index


The objects of the Trust are to:
- raise and receive funds through donations and various fund raising methods for the purposes set out below;
- make donations to Wits University and, with the consent of the Trustees, other South African universities, to enable them to carry on, support or facilitate any one or more of the following Public Benefit Activities:
- assisting disadvantaged students to attend universities in South Africa and to succeed in their studies, inter alia by paying tuition fees and subsidising, meals, transport costs, study materials and equipment and thereby make a contribution to resolving the issues of access to university education that have been raised by the #FeesMustFall Campaigns;
- the provision of bridging courses to help disadvantaged students to succeed at university;
- educational enrichment, academic support and supplementary tuition for - the provision of direct or indirect financial assistance to disadvantaged students;
- the provision of scholarships, bursaries and awards for disadvantaged students on such conditions as may be prescribed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training by way of regulation in the Gazette, from time to time, or such conditions as the Trustees may determine from time to time;
- any other activity set out in Part II of the Ninth Schedule of the Income Tax Act as determined by the Trustees.