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The Saving Grace dream started from the biblical story of the prostitute Rahab. God didn’t take her out of her circumstances immediately - but through the spies, He gave her hope. She was a woman with a past to whom God gave a future. Rahab became one of the 5 women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus.

Saving Grace is a registered non-profit organization. The name was inspired by the song, Surrender, written by Jacques Roos through the lyrics: saving grace is calling out my name.

The slogan Talitha Cumi refers to Mark 5:41, where Jesus said to Jairus’s daughter: “Talitha Cumi,” which means: little girl arise from the sleep of death.

In 2008 Saving Grace first became a reality when we started to engage the prostitutes in the streets of Tshwane and rehabilitating them back into society.

Saving Graces’ heart is to love and respect these women. They are not seen as prostitutes but as women with the potential to have life and life in abundance. They are women with a past, but God is giving them a future.

We believe in one-on-one relationships with the following 7 values:

Always see the person behind the action and inspire them with a vision of hope.

Primarily to encourage and support a living relationship with Jesus Christ. To rebuild broken relationships between the Talitha and her family. To encourage Talithas towards forgiveness and acceptance of themselves.

In: Men, love, trust, community, purpose, addiction, identity, worthiness and everyday life.

To create a safe environment for the Talithas, where they can experience family values and where they can be rehabilitated. To encourage involvement in a spiritual family and community.

To reintroduce Talithas back into society and support them through daily pressures while assisting in skills-training and development

To create awareness in local communities and in government, regarding all prostitution-related issues.

We strive to be actively involved in reducing prostitution all over South Africa and ultimately to contribute towards putting a stop to the legalization of prostitution. We would also like to create awareness of, and oppose Human Trafficking.

Jes 59:19 When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit
of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.