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South Coast Hospice Association

South Coast Hospice Association

South Coast Hospice Association has been in operation for the past 28 years and has since its modest beginnings on 23 June 1983, designed and established different programmes to best suit the needs of patients with HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Motor Neuron Disease, especially the psychosocial needs of orphaned and vulnerable children infected with and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Poverty alleviation forms an integral part of our programmes and we therefore distribute food parcels, blankets and clothing (when available) to those identified by our home care teams as most in need.

This funding request will assist greatly in supporting our much-needed and valuable OVC programme-( 40% of children in KZN are affected by HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases.)

*The Orphaned and Vulnerable Children’s Programme comprises of two specialised children’s teams who provide psychosocial support to orphaned and vulnerable children who are affected by HIV /AIDS, as well as to HIV positive child patients on the Rural Home Care Programme.

*South African children are becoming more vulnerable as a result of the devastating effect of HIV/AIDS. One way of meeting the needs of these children is by them participating in a Memory Box Programme.

*The term ‘Memory Box’ refers to a method that encourages orphaned or soon to be orphaned children to preserve the memories of their parents, in a way that will allow them to develop despite adversity, i.e. become resilient. ‘Memory Box’ also refers to an object: a wooden, metal or cardboard box or container that stores special items related to the children’s own and family histories as well as to a parent who has passed away. For this process to unfold in a meaningful way their feelings need to be acknowledged by supportive adults e.g. the children’s team caregivers. Memory Box Workshops are held three times per year during school holidays.

*The broader objective of the specialised mobile children’s team of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children’s Programme, is to enhance resilience in children infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS, improving their ability to cope with adversities which they face on a daily basis. Further, these children will be able to provide emotional support to their siblings, peers and possibly other younger children living under similar circumstances.