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SCOUTS South Africa

SCOUTS South Africa (SSA) is an independent, non-profit educational Movement dedicated to the development of young people in achieving their full potential as individuals and responsible citizens. Central in this programme is a continuous transference of values such as honesty, loyalty, responsibility, respect; all aimed at governing individual behaviour and the development of strong leadership skills that will equip members to be of service to others and to their communities.

Activities include:
Weekly meetings for 2 hours mostly at a dedicated venue for each Scout Group.
During these meeting there will be games played and skills transfer activities, such as outdoor cooking, environmental education and first aid.
The games have a wide spectrum, but it is similar to a soccer game in a controlled area.
Scouts further have outdoor activities over weekends and holidays. These include camps, orienteering (which includes hiking in the mountain), pioneer activities (building structures with poles and ropes), swimming, sailing, first aid training, outdoor cooking, environmental education activities such as water purification, recycling, food gardening and community projects.