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Sea Change Project

We are a team of media and science professionals dedicated to connecting people to the wild through incredible stories backed by scientific knowledge. Our goal is to contribute to the long-term protection of South Africa’s marine environment by making the Great African Seaforest a global icon. Our policy goal is being part of the movement that drives marine regeneration spaces, with community buy in. Our work includes films, books, exhibitions, marine biology research through living science, and impact campaigns.
Our entire wellbeing is dependent on the natural world. For humans to be healthy, the air, oceans, forests, and all the varied and wonderful beings that we share this planet with need to be healthy. The Sea Change Project hopes to convey this message through storytelling based on science and direct, immersive experiences in the Great African Seaforest. We hope our stories, knowledge and love of this environment can play a part in rewarming the human heart to the natural world and motivate action that allows the living planet to thrive and regenerate itself.