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#SecondChances is a journey that many people are watching closely. As the first non-profit company in South Africa that creates social upliftment via social media, #SecondChances invites its followers to assist, and to watch the highs and lows that come with life transformations.

#SecondChances highlights the daily struggles of unemployment, addiction, hopelessness and the cycle of abuse. It reminds us that our circumstances need not be permanent, but that with a helping hand, perseverance and hard work, people can successfully get their second chance. This comes in the form of employment, sobriety, education and sponsorships, among others.

#SecondChances uses social media to bring the country’s (and in some cases, the world’s) attention to individuals in need. These individuals come to #SecondChances through recommendations, direct requests, and more frequently, by being tagged on social media platforms. #SecondChances has created a new definition of ‘the power of social media’.