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Second Chance Trust

Second Chance Trust is a public benefit organisation that empowers children and youth with knowledge and skills to make healthy, considered life choices. Its core programs are designed to: (1) equip children and youth with knowledge that enables them to make informed and responsible choices about their lives and futures and (2) empower people affected by traumatic events and the associated negative behavioural patterns to begin the process of healing and change. The Trust works extensively with schools and partnering organisation across South Africa and has a solid reputation for delivering appropriate, innovative and impactful programs. Since 2012, over 280,700 individuals have benefited through Second Chance programs. Second Chance Trust works with young people from all social backgrounds but has a primary interest in low income communities where children and youth are particularly vulnerable to poor decision making due to early and ongoing exposure to extreme poverty, illicit substances. violence and crime. Second Chance Trust currently runs the following programs: ? Basic Life Choices School Program a vibrant and engaging school-based life choices education program that has touched the lives of over 280,000 children, youth, educators and parents since 2012. ? World is Your Stage a fun and energetic school-based dance program that has provided 335 adolescents with the opportunity to explore dance as a creative, healthy alternative to negative life choices. ? Equine Facilitated Mentorship an innovative program that uses horses and therapy to assist people to deal with psychological trauma resulting directly or indirectly from poor life choices. 379 youth and adults have benefited through the program since 2016. ? Ground Breakers this is a new program which was developed in 2019 and is being piloted in 2020. The purpose of the program is to rehabilitate at-risk youth through support, mentorship, healthy life options and work opportunities. All of the programs offered by Second Chance are made possible through the support and generosity of individuals and corporate funding partners committed to social upliftment in South Africa. The Trust is a registered public benefit organisation with Section 18A Tax Exemption Status and Level 1 B-BEE accreditation. Financial contributions are tax deductible and allow donors to add points to their BEE scorecard.