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The Selati Wilderness Foundation

The main purpose of this non-profit company is to enhance the value of the Selati Game Reserve by appealing to like-minded people and entities to help sustain this wonderful legacy that we are privileged to be part of.

The specific objectives of the NPC are to support our immediate local community, to protect and enhance endangered wildlife and biodiversity on Selati and to assist with raising funds for protection of our diverse fauna and flora. Conservation issues are becoming increasingly topical on a worldwide basis and are generating much interest and public support. The NPC provides a transparent and direct means of communicating with the public and raising awareness and funds because, as we all know, maintaining and protecting wildlife comes at a substantial cost. We have begun talking to various corporates and individuals locally and internationally around the challenges we face as a private reserve and by spreading the word we are hoping to attract the necessary funds to support the various objectives

The NPC is registered as a Non-Profit Organization as well as a Public Benefit Organisation which allows the NPC to provide a tax certificate for any donors to claim donations made against their tax submissions.