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Shalom House Of Refuge

Our purpose is to provide safe and secure accommodation to abused women and their children with the focus of providing a foundation that will allow the broken to be healed, and stimulate the growth of self-respect in such individuals. We seek to bring as many of these vulnerable women and their children to a place where they can rebuild their self-respect, dignity, hope, trust and self-confidence to realise their potential and roles that they can play in society.

In the process of doing this we would like to provide
• Skills training, job opportunities for abused woman and their children so they will be able to add value to society as well as themselves.
• Counselling services for abused woman and their children.
• Facilities to help those people in need including but not limited to: accommodation, clothing, food, education, development skills, care and motivational programmes.
• To support and develop other public benefit organisations such as orphanage homes, retirement homes, clinics and medical facilities and other care facilities.

We endeavour to
• Create employment opportunities for residents and wider communities.
• Seek government and business involvement a partners in our goal of socio economic development and skills empowerment of the victims.
• Participate in crime prevention by designing programmes that will educate people to be able to identify early signs of abuse and to pro-actively teach people to speak about abuse before it escalates to crime.
• Work closely with other organisations to ensure the efficient distribution of welfare, education, safety, victim empowerment and other resources.