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Shama Ministries

We are raising funds to fight this Carcinoid cancer I am suffering from in order for me to survive. After 21 years of fighting, our finances are depleted and we have no more resources to fight this cancer on our own any longer.

For those outside of South Africa you can still donate but Payfast will convert the amount to South African Rands from whatever your currency is. We are only allowed to receive monies in our local currency. So the table will tell you what 1 unit of your currency is equal to in our currency.

The current exchange rates of the top currencies are as follows:
USD U.S. Dollar 12.0172
GDP British Pound 16.6059
EUR Euro 14.8136

AED UAE Dirham 3.4457
AUD Australian Dollar 9.5455
BWP Botswana Pula 1.3244
CAD Canadian Dollar 9.4355
CHF Swiss Franc 12.7889
DKK Danish Krone 2.0750
HKD Hong Kcng Dollar 1.5992
JPY Japanese Yen 0.1135
MUR Mauritian Rupee 0.4018
NOK Nor-vegian Krone 1.6164
NZD New Zealand Dollar 8.9246

So this table tells you what 1 unit in you currency is worth in ZAR(South African Rands). So multiply what ever you feel you want to donate with the exchange rate, and that is more or less the amount in ZAR. So by giving $1 US that will be worth R12.01. $5 will be R60 or there abouts. This was as at 13 March 2018 but I will try and update it on a monthly basis, as this is subject to huge differences .

Thank you for assisting us financially.