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Shama Ministries

We are raising funds to fight this Carcinoid cancer I am suffering from in order for me to survive. After 21 years of fighting, our finances are depleted and we have no more resources to fight this cancer on our own any longer. My wife at age 61, walks wherever she has to go. Come rain, sun (up to 110 Deg F) or snow (-4 deg F), she has to walk to do whatever needs to be done. We have received assistance to get to the hospital 300 miles away for me to see the doctor this month again for one trip, but we do not have the means to pay for anything, CT Scan, monthly medications or whatever we need. I have had to stop working over 3 years ago, and we live of a grant of $200 per month. Please assist us in this project just getting to live like human beings again.

I have had two operations so far and I know it is time for the next one, as my large intestine is about 90% blocked, and we have to look at metastasis to the liver, lungs and bones. All these tests are scheduled for the next 2 months and would require at least 5 visits.

Due to local exchange control regulations, we are not allowed to put prices in any other currency, so I have put it at R75.00 which equates to more or less $5.00. So in order to contribute more each quantity increase is an increase of $5.00. My payment processor also does not allow donations of over 60 units per day per cardholder. They work exactly the same way as PayPal, which is not available in South Africa to receive money, although we can add money and buy using PayPal.

We urgently need at least $5,000 to pay for all these tests, and this excludes expenses for overnight accommodation. It would also be nice to be able to buy a small secondhand car for my wife to use on a daily basis.

You can also contribute directly at our payment processor at where larger amounts in Rand are specified.

Thank you for assisting us financially.