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Glorious Grace Ministries International

The Ministry
Glorious Grace Ministries International (GGMI) is an apostolic and prophetic ministry with the mandates to preach, teach, train, equip and send out saints to the work of the ministry. Under the leadership of Apostle Shammah Apwam, founder and Senior Pastor of Glorious Grace Christian Centre (GGCC), GGMI promotes an interdenominational apostolic network attending to independent and orphan churches and ministries with the sole purpose of attaining ministerial excellence and development as well as promoting a greater unity of the Church and establishing the headship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Besides promoting its affiliation, GGMI also plants bible school and churches, especially where there are no GGMI's sons, daughters or satellite churches. In collaboration with these local churches and ministries, GGMI hosts local, regional and international evangelistic crusades and conferences as well as the Glorious Grace School of Supernatural Ministries all to impact and transform the lives of many around the world.

SAMI is also committed to meeting various needs of fatherless(orphans, single moms, and widows) within its apostolic territories through welfare arm of this ministry called Hope for the fatherless.

The Mission

  • Raise up a supernatural generation of leaders
  • Restore the supernatural in the Church of Jesus-Christ
  • Reconcile this orphan world with His Heavenly Father
  • Reach out to the fatherless


    GGMI Vision is to:

    1. Evangelize
    To take the good news of the Kingdom of God to the poor in spirit, the brokenhearted, the captives, the blind, the oppressed, those who are sick, and to every person on the face of this earth, through ever channel of communication available.

    2. Affirm
    To train every believer into a disciple and make him a strong leader for the Kingdom of God; to cement him in Kingdom values and the apostolic doctrine in order to renew his mentality and transform him in body, soul, and spirit.

    3. Disciple
    To train, equip, and help every disciple discover and carry out his purpose, calling, and will of God for his life; to help him discover his identity as His child and know that he has rights, privileges, responsibilities, and an inheritance in the Kingdom of God.

    4. Send
    To commission 100 Million disciples to do the will of God and reach their destiny by taking the Kingdom everywhere they go. To send leaders armed with powerful weapons useful to extend the Kingdom of God by force; to rebuke demons; heal the sick; perform signs, wonders, and miracles; to raise the dead; preach, teach, and prophesy the mysteries of the Kingdom in order to cause a reform and impact society—these for the purpose to transfer a legacy of blessings, prosperity, and justice to future generations.

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