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Greater Glory Ministries International

Thank you for considering joining the Remnant Glory Investors family today.

As one of our investors, our deepest desire is that you may know how cherished you are to my team, Patricia and I. You are such a blessing to us! Everyday, we are sincerely grateful to the Lord Jesus-Christ for connecting us together so that we can make a bigger impact today in the life of many people around the world.

As a Remnant Glory Investor, you are sharing the same privilege with us from the Lord Jesus-Christ and every soul that is saved and every life that is transformed through our ministry will be credited to your heavenly account.

Partnering with Greater Glory Ministries International gives you this exclusive opportunity of sowing into a very good ground. We are committed to the teaching and preaching of the uncomprommised Word of God, and the rescuing of the needy and hurting people within our communities.

We believe that you will prayerfully considered making a generous contributions today.

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