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Shaun Terblanche

According to the current economic conditions which impact on our financial resources we have engaged in strategic planning to ensure that we are able to provide adequately for all families & children in our care.
 Whilst we continue to provide child protection to children in need of care:
 After hours at the Feeding Solution’s Project.
 Temporary community volunteers and if necessary getting volunteers from other organizations.
 We have to be responsible in ensuring we are able to provide for these families & children.
We are unique in this service offering and fulfil a very valuable role in Plettenberg Bay. These services that we are rendering allow us to sleep more peacefully at night, knowing that every families & child has been fed by the organization. This service operates in conjunction with long established institutions such as, The Methodist Church, Wheat Trust, Local Municipalities, NGO, CBO, NPO, Child Welfare Plettenberg Bay and Health Institutions.
This has resulted in our partner’s taking responsibility for the families & children the next day and we area able to return to our original mandate to provide these families & children with our daily services. We value our loyal partners that have enabled us to provide services to these children for the past 3 year. We see you as part of our extended community without whom we could not operate. We invite you to visit the Project who you have assisted so generously and join us in being exceptionally proud of their achievements, despite their experience.