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Shumbashaba is not your usual horse programme, it is a non-profit community organization that focusses on how horses can positively impact people and help to change lives for the better: To date the award winning
Shumbashaba Horses Healing People programmes have had a positive impact on more than 1,500 people.

This is done through riding and non-riding programmes. The riding programmes encompass therapeutic riding for people with disability and integrated riding as sport and recreation programmes; where people with and without disability enjoy horse riding together. The EAGALA model therapeutic and personal development non-riding programmes focus on the healing power of horses which is enhanced through experiential therapy
on the ground with the horses where no riding or horsemanship is taught; rather one is afforded the opportunity to learn about self through deliberate activities with the horses. These latter programmes
encompass Life skills and healing programmes currently being run with vulnerable children, youth and adults from Diepsloot including support programmes for parents, victims of abuse and violence and those who have
experienced other forms of trauma.