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In South Africa increasing poverty, emigration and lack of education has led to dogs being dumped, neglected and abused. There are no government sterilisation programmes in place and in the townships and informal settlements the breeding is out of hand. Most dogs receive no vet care in their entire lives and the conditions we rescue them in is heartbreaking.
We provide 24/7 assistance to cases of abuse, we take sterilisation programmes to impoverished areas- sterilising, de worming and inoculating dogs for free. Vets donate their time for free and the public donate to cover the materials.
We put great effort into our social media, this provides awareness, funding and educates the public on the dire situation we're facing.
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We have no shelter but instead use a network of foster homes. This allows all funding to be directed to vet bills and means we accept all dogs regardless of age/ illness. We are highly successful and have a 100% rehoming rate, the only time we will put a dog to sleep is if it is dangerous to humans.