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Simile Socio-Economic Development Trust

The Nest is an initiative of Simile Socio-Economic Development Trust. The Nest was formed for the sole purpose of addressing the needs of vulnerable children living on the streets. These children live under these conditions due to a number of varying sub-optimal social conditions at homes. The aim of the Nest is to restore their dignity, hopes and dreams by reintegrating them into society and ultimately reunite them with their families.
There are a lot of factors that lead to these children leaving their homes, which largely are due to the breakdown of the family structure e.g. divorce or parental separation and unforeseen circumstances such as the death of parents.
The impact of such occurrences can in most cases be devastating to the children particularly if they are still at a young age.
They then end up seeking solace on the street and begging to make ends meet. Although their primary need is food and shelter, they also require other basic needs such as clothing and toiletry. To the most part, they would ordinarily have dropped out of formal education and thus lack basic skills to be gainfully employed.