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Sindizana Foundation

At the Sindizana Foundation we believe that helping people is not just providing a temporary solution to life's problems but a permanent one.
We address root causes that lead to destructive life choices.
We collaborate with councillors, mentors, teachers, pastors, rehabilitation centres, and just people with life experiences, to help us ensure that our Foundation offers a complete support system for families affected by drug abuse, and other socio-economic issues.
Our mentorship programs help people to help others... #payitforward

We accommodate kids who have been displaced due to these and other unfortunate circumstances and encourage a healthy family environment.

Our Npo has been self funded for over 5 years. However due to changes in the economic climate we find ourself in a dire position where we have to raise funds in order to help more.
Due to the halt in our peer to peer initiatives we are looking at other ways to impact and educate individuals.

Your assistance to our organisation would be a huge blessing to us, the 15 kids within our home and the many families we would be able to help.

Thank you for considering us.

May God Bless you and yours.

The Sindizana Foundation