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Sinqobile Kingdom Empowerment Centre plans to expand its community outreach efforts through the establishing a Community Empowerment Centre(s) across South Africa. These centre will serve as a one-stop locale for resources and "hope" for its area residents. Sinqobile Kingdom Empowerment Centre is inviting funders, donors and sponsors, churches, NGOs, contributors and supporters to partner with the organisation in developing centres for community upliftment, training, skills development, 24/7 prayer & worship, economic development, job creation, wealth distribution, family restoration, youth empowerment, children development and bringing people from all walks of life to total empowerment and advancement. Sinqobile Kingdom Empowerment Centre operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with clients, partners, funders and the community. Sinqobile Kingdom Empowerment Centre is organized to make a difference in the lives of ALL people and communities seeking economic, spiritual and social empowerment.