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Sinqobile Kingdom Empowerment Centre

Sinqobile Kingdom Empowerment Centre seeks donations to continually develop and officially launch; Girl, Talk! Forum: StopGBVApp, a powerful social media messaging platform as a young women and girls empowerment tool to combat gender based violence (GBV) and femicide In South Africa.
Girl, Talk! Forum: StopGBVApp offers a broader platform to reach out to young women and discuss gender-based violence including domestic violence, rape, femicide, sexual harassment, and other forms of abuse that are wide-spread in South Africa.
The social media platform will be used as a platform for young women/men and girls/boys to interact, be motivated, educated, informed, encouraged, coached, counseled, advised and access music, poetry life skills, movies, opportunities and self-realization content to fight the scourge of GBV and femicide in South Africa.
Girl, Talk! Forum: StopGBVApp will be downloadable for free to all smart phones, android and IOS devices and to be used by young women and girls to connect to GBV news and information. The app will have private “chat-rooms”, counselling rooms, health and wellness room, study mate and helpline where young women and girls can access much needed assistance.
Girl, Talk! Forum: StopGBVApp is designed and managed by Sinqobile Kingdom Empowerment Centre, and it will connect to a website and be accessible to young women and girls conventionally.
Young women/men and girls/boys will be able to connect to the app using their social media accounts such as Facebook and can also control their anonymity and movement within the app and all other virtual activities.