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Sithanda Upliftment Projects

Sithanda Upliftment Projects was founded in September 2015 through honest coffee table talk amongst three close friends.

Sithanda means “We Love” in isiZulu.

Behind the scenes of Sithanda Upliftment Projects are a team who want to do something greater than themselves. Driven by passion and purpose with the common interest of giving back to the community, we are dedicated to making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

Determined to live a life of giving through good decisions and daily discipline, we believe that there is significant opportunity for all to influence positive change in various communities, with the common goal of uplifting our beautiful country.

Sithanda Upliftment Projects is a non-profit platform that allows people to make a difference. We believe that everyone has the power and responsibility to give back. Through our various events and fundraising efforts - we aim to create an environment and culture of collaboration and excellence, which ultimately allows all stakeholders involved to engage with the greater community and change the way we wish to see the world!


Our Vision, Mission and Values statement below formally outlines the greater aims of our cause and where we believe the application of our efforts will create long-standing result:


Sithanda Upliftment Projects is committed to unlocking childhood discovery and uplifting individuals through the foundation of Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers in underprivileged communities.


To champion early childhood development in underprivileged communities.


Faith: We have complete trust and confidence in our ability to positively impact the lives of others.

Collaboration: We are committed to those whom we serve. Collaborating as a greater community whilst seeking solutions together.

Compassion: We root every action in a spirit of empathy and love for humankind.

Value Proposition

We have identified that there is a lack of support and funding provided to underprivileged communities and that education is critical in the development of all individuals. Because of this, we have set out to provide early childhood development centers for the less fortunate youth who do not have access to this basic human right. Sithanda Upliftment Projects is currently building an ECD facility in the Kwamashu township of Kwazulu-Natal whereby children who previously had no caring environment or education, will now be provided with a formal education in safe and secure facilities.

Each facility will be a fully sustainable ECD “ecosystem”. Our building partners place strong emphasis on uplifting the immediate community by incorporating the individuals in the community into their labour requirements for each project. Further implementation of solar and water systems will add to the sustainability of each project. Fruit and vegetables gardens will assist in feeding the children through the accurate implementation of a balanced menu - which has been developed by a qualified dietician. Our purpose is to up-skill the community and ensure that many children will benefit from the schooling facility as well as creating jobs and positive change for the surrounding community.