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Siyanakekela Community Development

Siyanakekela Community Development (SCD) is operating in vastly remote rural areas of Matatiele Local Municipality in the Alfred Nzo District of the Eastern Cape. Therefore the remoteness and the vastness of the areas in which SCD is working and the fact that roads are not tarred and well maintained in these areas makes the donation to SCD more valuable and meaningful.Among all the municipalities that fall under Alfred Nzo District, Matatiele Local Municipal areas are the worst poverty stricken and consequently hardest hit by the scourge of HIV/AIDS with the increasing cases of women and children abuse as well as violation of their rights.
There are not many organizations that are doing the kind of work that SCD is doing in these needy communities and since SCD had started with its outreach programmes for raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and ensuring that care and support is provided to those infected and affected, facilitating the setting up of support structures such as People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), assisting those affected to get access to ARVs, assisting child headed households and generally facilitating that communities get involved in their own development through enterprise development and some form of income generating activities, the plight of those who had to battle on their own without necessary support has somewhat been lifted with SCD involvement. SCD has ensured that people started to open up about HIV/AIDS and talk freely about its devastating impact, something which was considered a taboo in the past. Communities have confronted the basis of women and children abuse, in particular the mythical beliefs that, if you rape a virgin, you will be cured of AIDS. Therefore SCD has helped to demystify myths surrounding HIV/AIDS especially that those that are infected are about to die or cursed.