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All Nations Leadership Academy (ANLA)

All Nations Leadership Academy (ANLA)

ANLA exists to make a significant difference in solving some of the most critical problems of our country and the rest of the world. South Africa is at a critical stage of its redevelopment and in dire need of intellectually and morally stimulated individuals that have the commitment and dedication to change it for good.

The educational philosophy of ANLA is self-consciously rooted in the Scriptures which provide the framework through which a worldview —a comprehensive philosophy of life — is developed and through which all thoughts, intentions, and actions, are judged for truth or error. The Scriptures are the foundation of all knowledge and wisdom.

Although we use the Bible as our foundational reference tool we are not a Bible school, we do not teach doctrine, theology, eschatology or ecclesiology at our leadership academy. At ANLA our focus is purely on the development of the leader. It is therefore not our endeavor to change our students on a doctrinal level, but to empower and enhance their leadership capacities.

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is useless, and even harmful, while knowledge drawn from the reservoir of Scripture must be used to advance the Kingdom of God in this world. ANLA is a leadership academy which emphasizes that it is the responsibility of each person to obediently use the tools they have acquired to exercise godly dominion in every profession, occupation, or endeavor they pursue. Thus, the key to the Christian life is not knowledge per se, but ethical action (based on the standard of the Bible) for which all knowledge must be used.

Thanks for taking the time to getting to know us.
Dr V G Valentyn (Academic Dean)