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Social Upliftment Services

Our History
SUS has been backed by churchwithoutwalls in various community projects for more than 5 years. We have decided to establish a Section 21 company in order to be even more efficient with the management and distribution of funds and other resources to credible projects. A number of unique and often groundbreaking projects have been pioneered and we are proud to have "made a difference". We are committed to an ongoing service to the Community and the upliftment of all persons in need of same.

How do we operate?
We believe we are custodians of finances and other resources set apart for the Kingdom. We contribute money, but also prayer, input, networking and knowledge sharing.

All funds will be distributed to the project/s of your choice.
All contributions will be acknowledged and put in a trust account until distributed.
Churchwithoutwalls will oversee the management, administration and distribution of funds
Passionate Christian partners are needed to visit projects and interact with the community by way of education, skills development, guidance and counseling.
You will have regular feedback as to what impact your contribution has made
We will supply you with a B-BBEE certificate or a tax deduction certificate, depending on the project you have chosen.