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Songa Mbele Foundation

4. Our Purpose

Transforming disadvantaged communities by improving education, creating employment and alleviating Poverty.
5. Our Vision
Transforming disadvantaged communities, including its citizens, schools and small businesses, by empowering them through self-sustainable opportunities that improve quality of life and stimulate economic growth.
6. Objectives
 To support the disadvantaged rural schools by securing funding and sponsorship, to meet social development, nutritional, infrastructure and technological needs.
 To render assistance to rural schools by providing sponsorship for basic and educational needs.
 To provide monetary aid and humanitarian services to rural communities, in which we work, when needed.
 To promote moral education, charity and general welfare of the people, within the rural communities in which we operate.
 To provide funding for the setup and operation of training laboratories for the running of community development projects within rural areas.
7. Our Recent Successes
Yakhani Project
Songa Mbele Foundation in partnership with HBS Technologies, started the Yakhani School Project in 2017. The main focus of the project was to provide a web platform for schools, to expose them to potential sponsors who would open their hearts and give towards the upliftment of the schools. Since the inception of the project, we have registered 1028 schools out of the 26000 rural schools, and each school has its own website. The website shows potential sponsors the imminent needs the school is facing, so that they are able to match their CSI initiatives to the different categories of needs. It also serves as an accountability platform for sponsors to monitor how and where their sponsorship has added value to the school and the children.
Yakhani Roadshow
In November 2017 the team visited over 250 of our schools across all 9 provinces of South Africa. The roadshow was a huge success with many tribal and community leaders showing support for the Yakhani Project and enthusiasm to for the change that this initiative would bring to their community.
Next Steps
The second phase of the project will be to connect the potential sponsors with the schools to create the channel of delivery for the sponsorship. This is a very exciting part of the project for us as we aim to incorporate local suppliers, across all industries, into the sponsorship supply chain to the schools.