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Soul City Institute

Soul City Institute for Health Development Communication (SCIHDC) is the largest social change communication project in Africa. SCIHDC is internationally recognised and has a clear measurable impact which continues to be lauded internationally. Using a combination of mass media, social mobilisation and advocacy the SCIHDC aims to improve the quality of life and health of people in Southern Africa through strengthening individuals, communities and society based on active citizenship and principles of social justice.

It does this through a number of regional and local programmes such as the OneLove Campaign to reduce Multiple Concurrent Partnerships, the Phuza Wize campaign to create safer drinking spaces and reduce access to alcohol by underage citizens, the Kwanda campaign to create self sustainable communities, the Soul Buddyz programme targeting children in schools to be become greater than their circumstance and the Rise Young Women's Clubs programme aimed at young women aged 15-25 empowering them with knowledge and skills to build better lives for themselves. It is driven by the recognition that human rights are fundamental to health and development and that addressing social determinants is central to attain optimal health and wellbeing.