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South African School Sanitary

Over the past years, we have got the chance to acknowledge how girls from disadvantaged back grounds have struggled with their teenage years, affected by factors such teenage pregnancy, lack of safety and security, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, teenage adulthood, abuse, poverty, violation of human rights, etc.

At South African School Sanitary (SASS) we aim to attack all these social factors through hosting Leadership and Empowerment events at schools, it is in these events that we aim to approach and discuss all the factors that affect the success of our teenage girls. The major aim of these events is to leave, each and every school girl, empowered and hungry for success and prosperity, as we believe that woman are the future leaders, and they need all the inspiration, motivation, mind stimulation, and leadership, as, empowering them, is empowering the nation

Adding to that, our main mission is to sponsor school girls with Sanitary kits, these sanitary kits will be issued at the end of every Leadership and Empowerment event.